Geo Blast! Dymaxion Map

Introducing Geography, Math, Social Studies and History Inquiry Based Field Trips 

The latest program from Mr. Bond will get kids excited about math, social studies, history, geography and science! The kids will be working on a 12 foot by 24 foot, HUGE map of the world. They will be playing games on the map, using tons of cool props, learning population distributions, demographics, making graphs, comparing percentages and fractions...using hula hoops, frisbees, magnetic darts, bean bags, blind folds, building blocks and more.

  • Helps kids to discover what is where, who went where, where what is found, how much of what is found where and much more!
  • Everything is tied to your curriculum for your Math Geography, Social Studies, History, and Science In-School Field Trip
  • Math: add and subtract using word problems and real-world situations. Compare number values (larger than, less than, equal to etc.).Understand percentages, simple fractions (half, quarter, third, 6/100)
  • PE: try new physical activities (darts, bean bag toss, blind mans bluff,musical chairs). Work with others in a team to achieve common goals.
  • Social Studies: continents, oceans, understand migrations and much more.


"I really liked how the children got to follow a path on the map to get to different continents. The continent toss was a great game to reinforce learning the continents. The children learned how to give directions to a buddy to get them to their destination." Sherry Birdwell, Crockett Elementary In-School Field Trip 2012

My first graders loved Geo-Blast. They enjoyed learning about the continents in a game approach. They were learning and did not even realize just how much they were learning. Thank-you for your time you spent with my class. It really was fun and educational. Julie Simmons, Ed.D. First Grade Teacher Lipscomb Elementary School


Summer Reading Program for Libraries (limited availability)

Geo-Blast: The World under your Feet! We use a 10 foot by 20 foot Dymaxion map of the world for the kids to discover what is where, who went where, where what is found, how much of what is found where and much more! (*note must have the space to fit the map)

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