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Mr. Bond, Science Guy (a.k.a. Keith Trehy) has devoted over 20 years to inspiring kids to love science via his inspirational presentations that Make Science Fun!

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Future Scientist

The future chemist began developing his own interest in science as a young boy in West London, England. His parents must have recognized their son’s potential, for Keith remembers his kitchen ceiling blackened with soot from eruptions he made with his chemistry set. A strong aptitude in science wasn’t his only talent; he also began playing soccer “as soon as he could walk.” He apprenticed with Queens Park Rangers at the age of 15 and by 17 he was playing for the Under 18 England Schoolboys team. As he moved toward graduation, he had to choose between college and professional soccer. Fortunately, American University in Washington, D.C., recognized his aptitude in both academia and athletics and offered him a full scholarship. He didn’t disappoint them in either endeavor. In 1985 his team made the NCAA finals, playing in what became the longest college soccer game in history, with six “sudden-death” overtimes. In 1986, he was named “All American.”His talent in science was also apparent, and in 1987 he graduated with a B.S. in Chemistry. After graduation, while working as a consultant with the Environmental Protection Agency, he also played soccer with the Washington Diplomats, helping the team win the U.S. Open, Amateur and American Soccer League championships.  Keith then turned again toward academia and traveled the world as an English teacher. He spent two years in Japan and four years in Europe, where he spent most of his time teaching both English and science at the University of Strasbourg. His experience as a teacher cemented his choice: He would begin a career in academia.

Mad Science

In 1996, Keith entered Thunderbird International Management Program. In 1997, he received an Masters in International Management with a focus on environmental technologies. Nashville eventually became his home as he moved to the area in order to raise his children. He expected to find a job in his field of study, but the lack of employment opportunities ended up benefiting thousands of children in the southeastern U.S. when he discovered the Mad Science franchise. The job fit his ethics and vivacious, humorous personality.  

In 2008 Keith created Mr. Bond and The Science Guys. Keith now employs a part-time marketing and booking assistant, Cosmic Carol, and a part-time teacher/scientist Professor Greybeard. He also employs full-time summer teachers and assistants to help with his busy summer camps, and his children, Siena and Fenn enjoy helping with the family business. Siena attends Goucher College in Baltimore and started The Science Guys of Baltimore "mad scientist birthday parties and more" while at school. 


The Science Guys have been teaching STEM and now STEAM programs long before there was an acronym. If you're an educator, event planner or organizer looking to foster inquiring minds, logical reasoning, and collaboration skills we have a program for you. Contact us now

Mr. Bond, the Science Guy, is one of our favorite presenters during the Oak Ridge Public Library Summer Reading Program! It just wouldn’t be summer without a few explosions and a lot of laughs! We look forward to seeing him again next year and every year. -  Michaela Miller, Children’s Librarian

The Science Guys' clients include among many others Nashville Zoo, The Middle TN and East TN YMCA's, The Discovery Center in Murfreesboro, Westhaven,  BGA, Harding Academy and MBA and many preschools, public schools and libraries throughout Tennessee, Kentucky and North & South Carolina.  His most exciting adventure thus far was an engagement in Capetown, South Africa, where he provided spectacular science demonstrations for CISCO technologies. 

Mr. Bond loves kids and his uncanny crowd control makes him a favorite for large special events including mobile science labs, school assemblies, fundraisers, birthday parties, fairs and festivals. Any venue where there are children hungry for fun and learning. 

Mr. Bond and his team can also provide special effects for events, trade shows, conventions and corporate presentations. Their spectacular science experiments can add an exciting edge to your presentation and attract customers to your products.

Contact Mr. Bond today, and find out more about the educational ways he can inspire with fun science experiments for kids and adults too!