Assemblies & Fundraising

Science Shows: Perfect for getting kids excited about science!

- Designed for up to 150 kids, the experiments amaze, inform and delight kids of all ages.

- 45-60 minute presentations with approximately 12 different experiments.

- Experiments include explosions (that are safe and contained), bubbling potions, chemical reactions, dry ice, lasers and electricity.

- Great for assemblies, special events, science fairs, fundraisers, PTA/PTO meetings, school carnivals and more!

- We come to you! We travel all over Tennessee, the South, up North to Washington and as far away as South Africa!

How do you arrange for an event with Mr. Bond?  Easy! Pick a day and schedule an hour for each show. Contact Mr. Bond and we’ll do the rest!

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Science Shows

Fizz, Pop, Boom
Science Summer Program





We are covering a broad range of science areas with tornado simulations,sound FX, optical illusions and of course explosions! Perfect for all ages!

Pre-school Silly Science Show 

preschool summer science    




Aimed at the very youngest future scientists! 3-7 year old's will love this 30-40 minute program with bubbling potions, Mega Hoberman Sphere, exciting chemical reactions and of course explosions!

Hair Raising Science 

Hair Raising Science





Electricity is the central theme. Kids light, light bulbs, shock each other, make their hair stand up and of course explosions!This show can be aimed at 12-18 year old's and is great for smaller groups of 30 kids or so. This program is totally hands-on! The kids do the experiments themselves. Great for teens and all ages.

Journey to the Center of the Earth

magnet experiment ky





Kid's will learn about Earth as a magnet, make a volcano erupt, crush rock and journey to the Earth's core. 

Lasers, Lasers, Lasers

Rainbow glasses experiment





Our laser program features a look at light as color and energy! First we split light into its visible wavelengths to reveal its true spectral patterns, then we amplify light with surprising results. ​Great for Teens specifically or all ages! 

Sound FX 







Sound FX. Kids learn the basics of sound while adjusting their own voices to sound like a chipmunk, darth vader or a robot!