Corporate Events and Special Effects

Do you need special effects for your presentation at your next trade show, summit, conference or convention?

Do you want to WOW your crowd? Is your presentation in need of a lift?

Mr. Bond, Science Guy can create wonderful special effects with science experiments that include explosions, dramatic chemical reactions and “shocking” special effects. Make your presentations all the more effective for your partners and attendees with Mr. Bond's innovative and imaginative experiments. Mr. Bond may even insert some of his uncanny English humor!

In 2011 Mr. Bond, Science Guy worked with Cisco Systems at their 2011 New Orleans Partners Summit and in South Africa at their One Africa Partner Summit to create a cloud experiment and help make the VP of Emerging Markets presentation end with a spectacular explosion. Milo Schacher discussed Cisco's Services regarding the internet cloud and used our services to create a physical cloud. We dropped a gallon of boiling hot water into a vat of liquid nitrogen creating a plume of smoke 20 feet high that represented the "cloud." You should have seen these corporate bigwigs diving for cover. We also created a mad science laboratory to go along with the corporate theme of the conference which was the ongoing experiment in cloud technology. Mr Schacher was dressed as a scientist and given an Erlenmeyer flask bubbling with dry ice and he wowed the crowd when he drank the smoke and blew it out his nose!

Make your presentations exciting, effective and entertaining!
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We specialize in Dry Ice Effects, Chemical Reactions, Liquid Nitrogen and Indoor Fireworks

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Past Corporate Clients include
Cisco Systems 
Gaylord Opryland