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Jenna was thrilled to join the Science Guys team which gave her the opportunity to share the joy of hands-on learning with the amazing kids of Middle Tennessee. An avid outdoors-woman and rock climber, Jenna spends her free time biking, swimming and hiking all over the state. Press Photo


We wanted to pass along just how thrilled we were to have Hydro-Jenna here for our daughter's birthday yesterday. She was engaging, entertaining, and informative all at the same time. She had a large group of 7-year-old girls to manage and she did it flawlessly. My daughter was beyond happy with the party and I have had several moms contact me today to tell me that their girls are still talking about the party and "the scientist". What a treat to have the girls learn so much from a positive female role model. Our daughter loves science and space, but I was a little hesitant that the party might not be as enjoyable for the non-space enthusiasts of the bunch. My fears were proven to be in vain. Jenna sure showed all the girls that science is fun. Thanks for a wonderful event. It was one we will all surely remember. Melissa Laskaris

Hydrojenna was fantastic last night. Our kids and parents loved her program! Her science explanations and examples were terrific. Plus, her humor and ability to manage the crowd could not have been better. Please let her know how much we enjoyed it. Marion Bradford (Carter-Lawrence Elementary)

This past weekend we had Hydro Jenna at our home for my son’s 7th birthday. While I was busy tending to the kids and their parents I didn’t get a chance to talk to her before she left. I wanted to share with you, in hopes that you would let her know, that she was a big hit! All of the kids loved her and loved everything she showed and taught them. All of the parents that were here were also very impressed with the entire demonstration and how much their kids were into it. Needless to say, I was extremely pleased with the entire experience! Several of the parents asked where I found her and expressed their interest in using this company for their future parties. I would be more than happy to refer this company to them after such a positive experience we had. My son continued experimenting and pretending to be a scientist the rest of the day! Keri Ingram