Nashville’s favorite Science Guys open operations in Knoxville and surrounding East Tennessee areas.

Knoxville, Tenn. (For Immediate Release) For over 20 years Mr. Bond’s Science Guys have been getting kids across the South excited about science with their hands-on science programs. Based in East Nashville the family business expanded to Baltimore, Maryland in 2016. With the growth, popularity, and demand for science education, the Science Guys now offer regular programming in East Tennessee.  

Long-time “Science Guy” Professor Graybeard, who will head up the expansion said, “I spent much of my childhood in East Tennessee and I’m looking forward to introducing our engaging and fun programming to even more kids in that part of the State.” The company has been traveling from Nashville to present its unique brand of edutainment at libraries and schools in the East Tennessee area for many years. “Having a dedicated “Science Guy” in the area will help us reach more kids and fulfill our mission,” says marketing and managing director Carol Buttenham.

Founder and owner Keith Trehy (Mr. Bond) and John Wicks (Professor Graybeard) are currently visiting schools, libraries and other children’s educational centers to introduce themselves and learn about the needs for science education in East Tennessee. They are traveling from Nashville to Knoxville, visiting current clients and introducing themselves to area organizational leaders who are interested in making science fun, cool and easy for kids.

Many audiences in East Tennessee are already familiar with their interactive science shows and in-school field trips. In addition, The Science Guys provide multiple hour-long, science parties, after school clubs, science camps. As well as Scout programs, homeschool workshops and hands-on science booths for festivals and special events. This expansion will allow East Tennessee families and organizations to experience more of the fun and educational programs offered by The Science Guys. For more information about their programming visit

If you are interested in scheduling a meeting with The Science Guys contact or or call 615-573-2702.