Science Guys & Gals

Professor Greybeard

Professor Greybeard (aka John Wicks) has been a Mad Scientist with Mr. Bond and the Science Guys since 2005. The “Professor” was born in Minnesota then moved to East Tennessee at age 11. Fascinated with dinosaurs as a child, he has many happy memories of visits to the Science Museum in St. Paul with his grandmother. John earned a BA in Mass Communications with a minor in speech and theater from MTSU in Murfreesboro TN. After graduation he worked in the video production industry for many years before moving to Japan to teach English as a second language for 5 years. He eventually moved into curriculum development before returning to the United States to work in Information Technology. Keith and John met at a local Nashville coffee shop and soon became friends with a shared interest in education and alternate teaching methods. Once Keith learned about John's diverse background in performance, education and technology he knew he had found another great addition to the Science Guy team!

Professor Greybeard and The Science Guys are introducing a new program aimed at core curriculum education and core standards called Geo- Blast. Geo-Blast is a social studies program using a massive Dymaxion map from the Buckminster Fuller Foundation. Kids learn geography, migrations, anthropology, demographics, history, math, social studies and more. Utilizing Kinesthetic learning techniques, the kids physically do the experiments on the map! 

Our students and teachers absolutely LOVED Dr. Gray Beard Aka. John today!!! We want to have him back. Jen Whitener, McClain Christian Academy 

Mr. Graybeard did a wonderful job engaging our 6th graders! Each demonstration was relevant to our curriculum and engaging to every student. We can’t wait to have him back next year! John Carter Spring Station 6th Grade J
There is nothing like Professor Greybeard with Mr. Bond, the Science Guy, to get first graders excited about Science and Matter. He is so enthusiastic about what he is teaching that the children stay fully engaged and thrilled about learning, and love getting involved with the experiments. All five teachers were so impressed last year, that we booked three different programs this year. The children keep asking, as do their parents, "When is Professor Greybread coming back?"Mell Isacca, Franklin Special School District

Watch Professor Greybeard in action at Parent Magazine's Summer Camp event at Cool Springs Galleria.

Dr. Evil

Kari Bouncy BallsKari Donovan. Better known as, Doctor Evil loves books,Star Wars, and, of course, science! Kari graduated from Hume Fogg High School, the top school in the state and has been with Mr. Bond and the Science Guys for over 3 years. Dr. Evil  is currently studying horticulture at Nashville State Community College. Kari says "I love working with kids and I'm so happy to be able to work with them with Mr. Bond."

Just wanted to give you some feedback on "Dr. Evil" from my daughter's party on Saturday.  She was awesome!  We had a large group of kids.  Several guests brought siblings so it was more than I had originally planned and she handled them all beautifully.  I was very impressed.  Just wanted to pass that along. Emily Theobald



Ionic Bond

Bionic Bond Science Guy

Siena Trehy has been with the company as long as Keith Trehy. She is his daughter, a Hume Fogg High School graduate and a Goucher College senior. Ionic Bond has been attending science events with her father since she was very young. Since she has been in high school she has been an assistant at summer camps. Ionic Bond along with Haz-Matt now operate The Science Guys of Baltimore in Maryland





Miss Information

Ms Information Science Guy

Brittany has always loved learning and teaching. Throughout school and her career she has been a tutor or mentor in some capacity. Although she has worked with adult learners, children are her favorite subjects. She loves biology and the study of animals. Anything to do with anatomy or zoology has always perked her interest, but in school she struggled with chemistry. She learned to love it by creating pictures and graphic representations of topics. Her struggle opened her eyes to different learning styles and allowed her to be a better learning aid. Originally from Orange, VA, she has traveled all of the US before finally settling in Nashville.





Haz - Matt 

I decided to write my first bio with an exploding pen, lets just say it was a bio-hazard.  I am Haz-Matt! Able to clean up hazardous materials with a single squeegee.  I have always loved to play with dangerous chemicals so when I met K. Michael Bond, (MR. BOND TO YOU!!!) I was thrilled to join the science team who makes cheesier jokes than a bunch of lab rats.  It's the perfect job for me, like I always say, "there is no better job than shocking little children with electricity!!"

Haz-Matt is now Mr. Bond of Baltimore!

Ms Zap - Mad ScientistMs. Zap, (aka Lisa Graham) a native of Portland, Oregon, has had an on-again, off-again relationship with science. Her 6th grade science class instilled in her a deep fear of the Van de Graff generator- and to this day she still hates being shocked. Her first AP Chem test in high school made her cry (literally), but dissections in AP Bio were a blast! She started as a pre-med student at Stanford University until she ran into a little class called organic chemistry. After that she happily earned a B.A. in English literature, and her encounters with science were limited to a steady intake of science fiction novels and films (favorite author: C.S. Lewis; favorite movie: The Empire Strikes Back). She went on to earn an M.Ed. from the Ohio State University and an M.LIS. from Kent State University. She started her career as a high school English teacher and is now a school librarian. In her spare time, Ms. Zap likes to perform in musicals and lead worship with her amazing husband, Arvind.

Ms. Zap found Mr. Bond on Craigslist in May of 2011 and the rest is history! She would like to thank Mr. Bond and Professor Greybeard for reigniting her love of science and allowing her to teach camp and do shows during the summer. She would also like to thank Arvind for his constant support and love. Finally, thanks to God for His many blessings!

Watch Ms Zap in action at Harding Academy's Summer Camp