Reviews from schools

It was awesome!  I was thrilled with the program.  We definitely will book another. Paula McKenzie, 3rd Grade Grassland Elementary
The 5th graders had a wonderful experience with Mr. Gray Beard.  He came in the classroom with lots of enthusiasm and skills for the children to learn.  The children learned about force and motion by making a rap that would keep a marble on the rap as long as possible.  The students were excited and challenge.  We can wait to have him come back again. 5th Grade, Pearre Creek Elementary
Thank you for a wonderful and informative time!  The kindergarten students loved it! They couldn't stop talking about seeing a "real" scientist!  Leslie Pursley Oakmont Elementary
We loved our day with Mr. Bond, all 115 2nd graders were engaged and learning! He was very enthusiastic, informative and personal with everyone. The kids went home and told their parents how much fun they had. We are looking forward to having him back again this school year. All 6 teachers on our team would recommend Mr. Bond to any others looking at a fun way to teach the standards. Kimberly Jefferson, 2nd grade teacher , Liberty Elementary, Franklin TN

Professor Graybeard was perfect! His engagement with the students was spot-on with the right amount on teaching and entertaining. The experiments were fun and, with the professor's help, were informative. My entire team was so impressed, we have added Mr. Bond, Science Guy, to our "traditional" list of field trips Mell Isaacs, Liberty Elementary, 1st Grade

Mr. Graybeard (Prof. Greybeard) did a wonderful job engaging our 6th graders! Each demonstration was relevant to our curriculum and engaging to every student. We can’t wait to have him back next year! Spring Station 6th Grade 
Our first graders loved Mr. Bond’s visit!  His experiments correlated perfectly with our standards on solids, liquids, and gases.  The students especially enjoyed assisting Mr. Bond with some of the experiments. Thank you for an enjoyable experience! Sara Gildemeister, Heritage Elementary, First Grade
"The presentation was excellent. We all really enjoyed it and learned a lot. " Anne Borleis, Pennington Elementary, 2nd Grade
My children loved having Mr. Bond visit our classroom.  His experiments with weather went along with our standards perfectly.  The children were so engaged and loved the interactive aspects of all of his experiments. Laura Lee Horton, Heritage Elementary, Kindergarten

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John Early logo Mr. Bond and the Science Guys have provided AMAZING opportunities for our students! During museum exhibit nights, the Mr. Bond table always has the largest crowd. The kids (and more importantly, their families) LOVE getting their hands gooey or having their hair stand on end as they learn about the states of matter, static electricity, or whatever the science adventure might be! Having Mr. Bond and the Science Guys interacting with our students has been one of the most memorable experiences many of our families will take away from their years spent at Robert Churchwell  and  John Early Museum Magnet Schools. Children and adults alike have learned so much with the entire crew whether it's an entry event for a project-based learning (PBL) unit, Breakfast Club program for adults, or activities during quarterly museum exhibit nights. We're very fortunate to have such a great relationship with Mr. Bond and his fellow scientists! Becky Verner, Instructional Designer, MNPS Museum Magnet Schools

I just wanted to say how impressed the 2nd grade team was with HazMatt's performance at Edmondson Elementary on the 26th & 27th.  He had great rapport with the kids and made sure this was a memorable experience for all of them. The kids laughed, and learned something while doing it.  We couldn't ask for more! Jeffrey Cicero, 2nd Grade Teacher, Edmondson Elementary

The session was wonderful.  Professor Graybeard was very entertaining!!!!!!!!! Dr. ReGina A. Etter, MNPS STEM Instructional Designer

Yes, we loved the science guy who came to visit! We could tell the kids were enjoying it by all the laughter! He kept their attention. I will definitely keep the science guy in mind for future events! Carol Pratt, Creative Learning Center
Our students and teachers absolutely LOVED Dr. Gray Beard Aka. John today!!! We want to have him back. Jen Whitener, McClain Christian Academy
It went great. The kids really enjoyed the show, and they were kept entertained for a good 40 minutes. Even some of the kids who have seen the show before still enjoyed it. It was organized, punctual, and entertaining. Julia Doucet, Chapman's Retreat
HRA Escape thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Bond. It was a good show, Mr. Bond kept the children interested and engaged. We will gladly have him come back next summer. Thanks Judy Malmin, Holy Rosary 
Mr. Bond does a wonderful job of introducing our young students to the world of science. Through age-appropriate content, children are engaged, entertained, and even amazed. Mr. Bond asks his audience - Is science easy? Is science fun? Because of his delightful and educational program, the answer is an enthusiastic - Yes! Dawn, Judson Weekday Ministries
Big, big thank you to Mr. Bond!!! Our kids (and teachers) at Spring Hill Elementary had an absolute blast today! I, for one, am envious of your job, because getting kids psyched about science has to be as much fun for you! Ellen Greene Mangold
My first graders loved Geo-Blast. They enjoyed learning about the continents in a game approach. They were learning and did not even realize just how much they were learning. Thank-you for your time you spent with my class. It really was fun and educational. Julie Simmons, Ed.D. First Grade Teacher Lipscomb Elementary School
The presentation was awesome! Dr. Tonya R. Dennis, Principal Haynes Middle Health/Medical Science Design Center
It was EXCELLENT! One teacher came to the office about 9:50 - big show had barely started and she said "oh my goodness" and then paused. At this point I braced myself for anything....she continues, "this is the best visitor EVER!!" and then ran back outside. YEAH! Every teacher raved about how Keith engaged all of the children and kept them energized and part of the program. Now they all want to know how to become like Mr Bond and go to schools and share for fun!! Ann Zimmerman, Assistant Director, The Goddard School, Knoxville, TN
Every Summer at Children First Montessori we have visitor day on Wednesdays. We first hired Keith "Mr. Bond" in 2005 to show our children ages 3-6 years old how to make bouncy balls and he was wonderful with them. He has returned every year since and sometimes even twice a summer. One year he even showed them about electricity, the children were amazed! The children absolutely enjoy all the information that he brings and the hands on projects. Sam Anderson

The staff and parents at Montessori School of Franklin loved your field trip here. I'm so sad that I missed it because I was excited to see your performance again. Amy Smith, Montessori School of Franklin

Thank you! The kids loved it and the presenter did a fantastic job! Meagan Wise, Primrose School of Hendersonville

Reviews from parents

My daughter has participated in almost every camp and after school program offered by Mr. Bond over the last 6 years. She started at the age of 5 and is now 11. She learned a tremendous amount of detail about everything from electricity to chemical reactions and continues to be fascinated by anything scientific. She constantly asks me to check to see which camps and clubs are being offered as she wants to hit them all!  Thank you, Mr. Bond and the Science Guys for making science fun and for being such a big part of my daughter's education in all things science! J Ray Sanduski

Thanks So Much For The Wonderful, Fun Filled, Explosive Party. All the boys had a blast and are still talking about it. The Mom's and Dad's had fun too. Thank you again, Blanca Alfonso-Sturdivant

My boys absolutely LOVE this enrichment class. They talk about it all of the time. Just this morning they said that they only had 2 classes of Science left. They will be disappointed that it is really just 1. I hope that you will offer the class again. I am sure there are endless experiments that have yet to be discovered for our children at FRA. Thank you for the opportunity that this has given my children for learning. Kind Regards, Shari Hart
We had a party for my daughter and her 8-year-old-friends yesterday. Professor Greybeard was AWESOME! We had a great time, and the 8-year-olds did, too.  Thank you so much for sharing how much fun science is!! Jennifer Diehl
Thank you for an awesome time at my sons birthday party. All of our guests and adults included kept talking about the great time they had. Prof Greybeard thank you for everything you did today! Can't wait till the next party we throw, will definitely be seeing ya'll again! Suzanne Sullivan
Mr. Bond the Science Guy was a great choice for my son’s 6th birthday party. The experiments were dynamic, creative, and held the kids attention. I would strongly recommend Mr. Bond. Andrea Daughdrill
I booked Mr. Bond the Science Guy for my son's 6th birthday. We knew it would be educational, but we didn't realize how fun the kids would have! Mr Bond is patient with children, and presents scientific material in an easy to understand format. My kids can't wait for the next Mr. Bond program!  Nicole M. 
Prof. Greybeard did a fabulous job this afternoon at the Birthday party my son and I attended!! I will be highly recommending you all to others!!! Very professional and amazing job holding the kids attention the entire time....NOT an easy task!!! : )) Jennifer Cole Graves
Professor Greybeard entertained at my son Timothy's birthday party over the weekend, and it was a great time! The kids and parents had a blast, and I love how he included all of the children and handled the attention spans of our 5 year olds. It was so much fun, thanks so much! :) Audra Rogers


Reviews from libraries and organizations

Mr. Bond’s program was, as usual, fabulous!!  The kids as well as adults loved it!  It just wouldn’t be Summer Reading at the LaFollette Public Library without a visit from Mr. Bond, the Science Guy!! Nancy Green, LaFollette Public Library

Thank you Mr. Bond, Science Guy for making science so much fun and for caring about foster kids in Middle Tennessee. Your booth a the 2012 Walk Me Home Event was entertaining and educational and helped make our event a success. Lisa Stetar, 2012 Walk Me Home Organizing Committee
Keith has come to Knoxville for many years as part of the Knox County Public Library's Children's Festival of Reading. His science presentations are fun and engaging. That they happen to be educational too is icing on the cake. Every time I visited his stage, he had a packed audience eager to be a part of the experiment. He's always a hit at our Festival. He works a grueling schedule and requires very little help from us. I highly recommend him for any size presentation. Mary Pom Claiborne
Keith did an exceptional presentation for the kids at our Black Friday event. My daughter also took his summer camp-crazy chemistry-and had a ball! Tammy Derr, Owner, Fairytales Bookstore and More

Best physical science presentation in Middle Tennessee. Keeps kids engaged and teaches while having fun. This is the way science education should be presented. This is why kids choose to learn more about science.  Nashville Zoo, Jim Bartoo

Thank you Kaci

We loved the show! It was great! Thanks so much. Rhonda Clement, Tippitt Benton County Public Library

Mr. Bond the Science Guy did a great job making learning fun at our Summer Day Camp. The kids especially loved making goo that they could take home. Thanks for enhancing our program! Clarksville Area YMCA. Chrystal Gualtieri

The kids as well as the adults really enjoyed Mr. Bond the Science Guy. The show was entertaining and informative. It was an educational and fun experience. Holly Knott, Children's Librarian, Gibson County Library, Trenton, TN

We absolutely LOVED The Science Guy, and we can’t wait to have him back again!!! Mr. Bond has consistently been one of our highest attended programs, and everyone always loves it!! I will definitely do what I can to help spread the word!!! Goodlettsville Library Katie Sue

We loved Mr. Bond at the library last week! He consistently does a great job teaching science and making it fun. My favorite part is always when he has the 4-year-olds get into his expandable ball (I know it has a real name, but can never remember it!) Thanks again for helping us with our summer reading program!
Marcia Nelson Pigeon Forge Public Library

All of the staff at this library, along with the parents and children that were here this year thought this was the best year ever, so Thank you for all you did to help make it so wonderful, hope to use you again in the near future Thank you again, Ms. Pam Librarian Assistant

I used to work for Mr. Trehy when I lived in Nashville. Besides being the greatest boss ever, he was an even better performer and educator. He truly cares about the work that he does and his science shows are so beneficial to each and every student. Anthony Davis

I wanted to let you know that Professor Grey Beard was so educational and entertaining! The kids and the adults loved him. ( I did, too) .Terri Wilson, Carroll County Library

Reviews from our future scientists!

Thank you for coming to teach us about simple machines. I learned that a magnet drops slowy in a coper tube. My favorite you teached was you showing us about magnets and pulleys. Thank you for teaching us more about science. Sicnerely Estefania 2nd grade, Sunset Elementary

Thank you for coming and teaching us some neat sciance stuff. I was glad that you tought us that copper and magnets equil a elektric field. It was really cool! I know about iron from a magek school bus book. Sincerely Brooks. 2nd Grade Sunset Elementary

Thank you so very much for coming to St. Bernard last week.  I loved it when you shocked Sister Nena.  Please come again.  Sincerely Hannah Jackson

Thank you for teaching us about Optical illutions, Rock on ! 

I loved how you taught us how to make cotton candy. I though you really ate a candel.  You are the Best Scientist in the world, you rock! Love Lexi

I really loved your experiments.  My favorite one was the spinning coins in dried ice.  Anyway they were cool. Caitlin Casey

That stuff was neat.  I liked the things with the dry ice.  It was the best science. thanks so much from Blake