New 2018/19 Tennessee State Standards

 Science Workshops for New 2018/19
Tennessee State Standards

Update! We have continued to research and update our list of programs by grade. Download our New Science Standards K-8 PDF by clicking here

Mr. Bond's Science Guys have created a brand new list of suggested in-school field trips and hands on workshops for educators in Tennessee based on the new TN State Standards for Science.

We still have over 80 STEM workshops to choose from each one presented as a fun, hands on experience to get students excited about science and learn the grade specific curriculum. Mr. Bond's Science Guys' Professor Graybeard and Dr. E! have reviewed the new state science standards created in October 2016, to be implemented in the 2018-19 school year, and selected or created new workshops to help teachers meet their requirements. 

Below is a list of suggestions by grade. If you require a different topic please see our list of workshops on our website or contact us!

Suggested Hands On Science Workshops by Grade


K-PS1 States of Matter
K-LS1 Five Senses
K-ES2  Space: Planets, Moon, Sun, Earth
K-ESS3  Weather (TN)
K-ESS3 Worms
K-ETS1  Scientific Method

First Grade

1-PS3 Lasers Lasers Lasers
1-PS4 Light and Rainbows
1-LS2 Geo-Blast
1-ESS1 Universe
1-ETS1 Scientific Method

Second Grade

2-PS2 & PS3 Forces and Motion
2- PS4 Sound Show
2- LS1 & LS2 Owl Pellets
2 -ESS1 Universe
2- ESS2 GeoBlast
2- ETS1 Newtons Run
2- ETS2 Straw Rockets

Third Grade

3- PS1 Solids Liquids Gasses
3- PS2 Magnets
3- PS3 Energy - EMR
3- PS3 Electric Circuits
3- ESS1 Universe
3- ESS2 Weather 

Fourth Grade

4- PS3 Catapults
4- PS4 Light and Rainbows
4- LS2  Owl Pellets
4- LS4 Fossils
4- ESS1 Universe
4- ESS1 Weather
4- ESS2 GeoBlast
4- ETS1 Structures

Fifth Grade

5- PS1 States of Matter
5- PS1 Lava lamps Miscibilty
5- PS2 Forces and Motion
5- LS4 Dinosaurs
5- ESS1 Universe
5-ETS1 Newtons Run

Coming soon 6, 7 and 8th Grade!