Schedule a traveling school field trip that comes to yoU!

  • In-school science workshops that move from classroom to classroom.

  • Hands-on science programs; tactile and kinesthetic learning.

  • Over 80 science themes complementing the Tennessee Science Standards.

  • Book one grade at a time or the entire school for a discount.

  • Can be scheduled for one day or over as many days as you require.

  • Each workshop takes 45 minutes then moves to the next classroom.

  • We accommodate your grade size and schedule.

  • Perfect for Elementary, Middle, High, Montessori and Pre K.

  • Schedule 2 in-classroom workshops for the school year and get a 3rd FREE.

  • For large schools or difficult schedules we can send 2 or more Science Guys.

*Use our scheduling form only if you are ready to book and know your date, time, theme, schedule and have 50 kids or more. Otherwise please contact us first with questions about scheduling and to receive a quote!

How Do I Schedule an In-School Field Trip?

  1. Decide on 2-3 optional dates for workshops.

  2. Choose one workshop theme per visit (over 80 to choose from).

  3. Contact us for a quote with your preferred dates, start time, number of classes and approximate number of children.

  4. We will get back to you asap with cost and availability!
    * $200 minimum per visit within 1 hour of Nashville **Travel fees may apply for distances over 1 hour depending on number of participants.

Dr. Evil Camp Kids Harding

Over 80 STEM Workshops to choose from

Aerodynamics/Aviation (Sometimes called Indoor Rockets or Straw Rockets) | Air Pressure | Anatomy | Animal Habitats | Bones | Bugs & Insects | Changing states | Chemical Reactions | Chemistry | CSI | Cotton Candy Science | Decomposers | Digestion | Dinosaurs | DIY Bouncy Balls | DNA | Dry Ice | Earth Features | Earthquakes | Electric Circuits | Electricity | Electro-magnets, Magnets, Magnetic Fields | Electroplating | Energy | Environment | Explosions | Filters | Five senses | Food Chain | Forces and Motion | Forces of nature | Forensics | Fossils | Genetics | GeoBlast! | Geology (Minerals & Fossils) | Gliders | Hands-on Bubbles | Heavenly bodies | History of Science | Hover-Crafts | Human Body | Hygiene | Kitchen Chemistry | Lasers | Laws of Motion | Light and Rainbows | Magnetic fields | Magnets | Matter or States of Matter | Metals vs Non-Metals | Minerals | Molecules | Natural Disasters | Nature | Newton's Run - requires 1.5 HRS Mainly for Middle and High school | O2/H2/CO2 | Oceanography | Organs | Owl Pellets | Periodic Table | Physical Changes | Planets | Pollution | Recycling | Rocket Launches | Rocketry | Scientific Method | Silly Putty | Simple Machines | SLIME | Solids/Liquids/Gase | Sound or Sound Effects (FX) | Space: planets, moon, sun, earth | Space: rocketry, indoor rocket launches | Static vs. Current Electricity | Structures | Taste and Smell | Universe | Vacuums | Volcanoes | Walloping weather | Water Absorbing Materials | Water Cycle | Worms

suggested STEM Field Trip Themes By Grade

We've reviewed the new State Standards and updated our suggested workshops. We still have over 80 to choose from!

Kindergarten Science Workshops

  • K- PS1 Solids and Liquids

  • K- LS1 Five Senses with Cotton Candy!

  • K- ESS3 Animal, Vegetable, Mineral *includes worms

  • K- ETS1  Engineering Design Process

1st Grade Workshop Themes

  • 1- PS4 Properties of Light

  • 1- LS2 Plants, Soils and WORMS! 

  • 1- ETS1 Scientific and Engineering Practices (formerly known as the Scientific Method)

2nd Grade Workshop Themes

  • 2- PS2 & PS3 FUNdamental Forces 

  • 2- PS4 Sound

  • 2- LS1 & LS2 Owl Pellets

  • 2- ETS1 Simple Machines

3rd Grade Science Field Trip Themes

  • 3- PS1 States of Matter

  • 3- PS2, PS3  Magnets

  • 3- ESS2 Weather

4th Grade Science Field Trip Themes

  • 4- PS3 F=ma

  • 4- PS4 Lasers & Waves

  • 4- LS4 Fossils

  • 4-ESS1 Earth in Space

  • 4- ETS1 Structures

5th Grade Science Field Trip Themes

  • 5- PS1 Lava Lamps Miscibility

  • 5- LS3 DNA

  • 5- ESS1 Space: Planets, Moon, Sun, Earth

  • 5- ETS1 Aerodynamics 

6th Grade Science Workshops

  • 6- PS3  Electroplating

  • 6- PS3  Batteries

  • 6- PS3 Kinetic and Potential Energy

  • 6- PS3 Thermal Energy 

7th Grade Science Workshops

  • 7.PS1.1,5 Periodic Table

  • 7.PS1. 1,2,3,4 Molecule Structures

8th Grade Science Workshops

  • 8- PS2 Energy  
  • 8-PS4.1  Making Waves
  • 8.PS2. 2,3,4: Motion and Stability

High School Programs

  • Dry ice
  • Electroplating
  • Periodic table
  • Explosions (dry ice, vinegar/baking soda/alka seltzer
  • Elephant toothpaste
  • Acids/bases
  • DNA
  • Cotton candy science
  • Molecules
  • Chemical Reactions
  • Universe
  • GeoBlast!
  • Build an Electric Car
  • Anatomy
  • Matter


Professor Graybeard was perfect! His engagement with the students was spot-on with the right amount on teaching and entertaining. The experiments were fun and, with the professor’s help, were informative. My entire team was so impressed, we have added Mr. Bond, Science Guy, to our “traditional” list of field trips!
— Mell Isaacs, Liberty Elementary, 1st Grade
Big, big thank you to Mr. Bond!!! Our kids (and teachers) at Spring Hill Elementary had an absolute blast today! I, for one, am envious of your job, because getting kids psyched about science has to be as much fun for you!
— Ellen Greene Mangold
Thank you for coming to teach us about simple machines. I learned that a magnet drops slowly in a copper tube. My favorite you teached was you showing us about magnets and pulleys. Thank you for teaching us more about science.
— Sincerely Estefania 2nd grade, Sunset Elementary

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