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Buy tickets for Indian Lake Science Club

*Register by January 14, limited spots available, please register early.

*If your child cannot attend the same day as their grade you may register for a different day/grade

*First week of classes is January 22. Last week of classes is April 9.
*Register early, only 20 spots total per day!
Mondays K & 1ST
1.22.18 to 4.9.18 (No Club 2.19 & 3.26)
Wednesdays 2ND & 3RD
1.23.18 to 4.10.18 (No Club 2.20 & 3.27)
Thursdays 4TH & 5TH
1.25.18 to 4.12.18 (No Club 2.22 & 3.29)
**We will not have Club the week of February 19 or the week of March 26. Please mark your calendars.
Buy tickets for H.G. Hill Space Club
*Registration Deadline January 1, 2018
*Register early, a minimum of 15 spots must be filled!
Tuesdays 4:15 to 5:15 pm
January 9 through February 20

Do you want to hold your own STEM After School Science Club at your school or venue?

How is it done? Easy!

  1. Ask your principal to have a science club after school.
  2. Pick a day and time to start.
  3. Find a room to meet.
  4. Contact Mr. Bond and we’ll do the rest!

Our programs in science education are totally hands-on, inquiry based and FUN!
Build a love of science for kids with an early childhood education in science.

STEM Themes can include,
All about air!
Design and build an electric car
Optical Illusions and the Science of Magic
Space Club

After School ProgramPast Locations
Merrol Hyde Magnet School
Montessori Academy
Currey Ingram Academy
Bambini Montessori
Harding Academy
Fannie Battle
Montessori Centre
Mt. Juliet, Charlie Daniel's Park

My boys absolutely LOVE this enrichment class. They talk about it all of the time. Just this morning they said that they only had 2 classes of Science left. They will be disappointed that it is really just 1. I hope that you will offer the class again. I am sure there are endless experiments that have yet to be discovered for our children at FRA. Thank you for the opportunity that this has given my children for learning. Kind Regards, Shari Hart

Example STEM Club

January 6, 2015 - March 17, 2015

3:30pm to 4:30pm
  • 10 weeks to learn "All About Space!"
  • Learn about propulsion by making explosions
  • About life on a space station
  • Find out what astronauts eat, how to dispose of astronaut waste and more.
  • Great for ages 5 - 12

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