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In School Field Trips - Workshops & Assembly Shows

What if school is cancelled because of weather?  
We are happy to reschedule your science workshop or assembly show. We do ask that you call 615-573-2702 as soon as you know that school is cancelled. You may email as well, but to be sure you reach us please make a phone call first and leave a message.

What if I need to change our date for other reasons?
We know school schedules can change and we are always willing to reschedule. We ask that you contact us directly with your school name, grade, date and time. If you email, please make sure you receive a reply  from us that we received your message.

How does the 3 for 2 offer work?
3 for 2 offer is reserved for large schools with a minimum of 3 classrooms and 50 + students.  This offer is for Classroom Workshops only located within one hour drive of Nashville. You must book and pay for 2 In-School Field Trip Classroom Workshops (not Assembly Shows) within the same school year. You will receive a 3rd Workshop in the same school year for free. No other coupons or discounts can be applied.

October 5, 2019 Animal Habitats - paid
March 24, 2019 Sound - paid
May 8, 2020 Simple Machines - free

How much are your in-school field trips classroom workshops?
Generally, they are $6 per child for one grade with a $225 minimum per visit in the Nashville and Knoxville areas. Other fees may apply for time of day and distance. We offer discounts to low income schools, large schools, or multiple grade bookings.

What ages are your field trips (workshops and shows) best for?
We have workshops and shows for Pre K, Elementary and Middle School up to 8th Grade. We also have programs for High School students and are always willing to develop new programs to fit a grade’s needs. Please contact us with as many details as possible so we can help you get your kids excited about science.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept most major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners and JCB, cash or check.

How and when do we pay?
You will receive an invoice via email within a few weeks of your scheduled date. The invoice will include a link to pay by credit card and an address where you can mail a check. Otherwise, you are welcome to pay by check or cash the day of the event. We prefer payment on or by the day of the event but will accept NET 30 day payments.

Do the Science Guys work with children with special needs?
YES! Our mission is to get ALL KIDS excited about science!

Who are the Science Guys?
The Science Guys are “edutainers” who love children and science! Our instructors are trained to conduct experiments and are educated and experienced in handling materials safely.  Mr Bond’s Science Guys administers background checks on all edutainers prior to being assigned to our program.

Will you come to my school in another State/Country?
Mr. Bond’s Science Guys is based in Nashville and Knoxville TN. We generally work with schools and organizations within a few hours drive from Nashville or Knoxville. However, we have traveled to Florida and even South Africa when needed. Please contact us with as many details as possible (zip code, number of kids, budget, availability etc.) for more information. If you are in the Baltimore, Maryland or Washington D.C. area, Mr. Bond’s daughter and son in law own and operate The Science Guys of Baltimore. Please visit their website for more information!  

What does the Science Guy need supplied?
A table (preferably 6 to 8-foot long banquet-style or equivalent), electricity and access to hot water. We need enough room for the kids to watch either from the comfort of chairs or the floor. We prefer not to be on a stage unless it’s absolutely necessary.

How many children can attend your assembly science show?
We have done shows for as few as 10 kids up to 500 or more. Our preference with large groups and schools is to work with one grade at a time or 125 kids maximum. The fewer kids participating, the more we can involve them in the hands on experiments. We will tailor the program to the age group attending. We are always willing to work with your schedule and budget so please let us know as many details as possible when contacting us.

How long is a show or workshop?
Each Assembly Show and Classroom Workshop lasts 45 minutes. When scheduling a classroom workshop please allow 45 minutes for each classroom. We require 5 minutes maximum to transition between classrooms. When booking multiple grade assembly shows we prefer to schedule them back to back.

What kind of space do you need for an Assembly Show?
Our ideal location would be an area with an open space for the children to sit on the floor in front of the Science Guy. Some shows require the ability to darken the room and/or be indoors. However, some shows can be performed outdoors, weather permitting, where shelter from the wind can be provided.

Do you have liability insurance?
Yes! We will provide you with our certificate on request.

What time will my Science Guy arrive?
We ask all Science Guys to arrive 15-20 minutes ahead of the start time to introduce themselves and set up.

Still have a question about a classroom workshop or assembly show?
Please visit the following pages or contact us!

Carol Buttenham