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Science Party for Kids

Are you looking for fun party ideas? How about a mad scientist party?

Kids Science Birthday Parties with Mr. Bond and the Science Guys (and gals). 

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Who doesn’t love a good explosion, volcano cake, bubbling beaker, chemical reaction, lie detector test, dry ice, and more? Mr. Bond's science party theme includes one hour of cool, hands-on science excitement plus party favors for birthday guests. The take-home science experiment keeps the memory of the event alive and continues science education (masked as fun, of course).

We also have an AWESOME VOLCANO CAKE! Ask for details when you book your birthday!

The Science Guys offer a spectacular science birthday party with experiments and take-home projects tailored for the age of your child and his or her guests! We have other science themes including a Star Wars Themed Party and a Frozen Themed Party.
In all of them, children will learn valuable science fundamentals while having fun.


Star Wars Themed Party

Star Wars Birthday Party

All the fun of the regular science party PLUS light sabers using lasers and a sound machine so the kids can talk like Darth Vader. (This is an indoor party that requires a dark room) 

Space & Rocketry Themed Party

Here's the perfect birthday idea for your future astronaut! SPACE PARTY, Planets, Moon, Sun and Earth experiments! Party guests experience propulsion by making explosions. Birthday party attendees will love to find out about life on a space station, what astronauts eat and how to dispose of astronaut waste. Add in a rocket launch and this party is complete for any NASA enthusiast.   Book it!

A Frozen Themed Party 

You provide the Disney accompaniments and we bring the frozen science experiments including a snow white mountain cake!  Book it!

Spooky Science 

This 45 minute interactive show will reveal the science behind thick eerie fog! Make the call of the screeching owl, create color changing bubbling potions, make the kids glow in the dark, perform amazing optical illusions and more!  Book it!

Hair-Raising Electricity 

The focus of this interactive program is all about electricity. Kids of all ages will light, light bulbs, shock each other, make their hair stand up and of course do explosions!  This electric party is all hands-on, super exciting and fun!  Book it!

The Science Guy also offers a Volcano Cake, Rocket Launch or DIY cotton candy. Save your date and ask us more.  Contact us now!

Hands-on Science Birthday

Whether the children are sci-fi fanatics, space-bound astronauts, princesses of chemistry, Star Wars fans or simply exhibit their inherent capacity for wonder and curiosity, Mr. Bond’s exciting parties keep boys and girls enthralled and wanting more.
Best of all, we come to you, sparing you the hassle and expense of a commercial venue. Kids are more comfortable, and unlike some locations, we don’t limit the number of guests. Our promise to you is no mess - The Science Guy takes care of it all - and our promise to the children is a party they won’t forget.
Sound like fun? Call 615-573-2702 and let’s start planning.

Parents’ reviews of Mr. Bond’s Birthday Party

"I just wanted to say thank you for yesterday. Professor Greybeard was amazing.  He earned his money keeping about 20 rather wild four year olds engaged for over an hour.  They had a great time and he was a big reason why. Thanks so much!"  Kristy Brown. Read more reviews
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