Mr. Bond’s Science Guys' mission is to make science fun, cool and easy for kids!
With over 20 years of experience in Tennessee and beyond, they make science interesting and exciting with hands on demonstrations.



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Science Guys & Gals

Mr. Bond
(Keith Trehy)

Tennessean Keith 1.jpg

Keith Trehy aka Mr. Bond’s love for science began as a young boy in West London, England. He blackened his kitchen ceiling with soot making eruptions with his own chemistry set.

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Professor GrAybeard
(John Wicks)


Professor Graybeard (John Wicks) has been a Science Guy since 2005. The “Professor” was born in Minnesota  before moving to East Tennessee at age 11.

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Dr. E
(Kari Donovan)

new kari pic website.jpg

Dr E! (Camp & Club Director and Science Guy) Kari is an aspiring Naturalist, and loves the adventure of learning with hands on experience. Her heart for community, children, and knowledge is what motivates her.

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Hydro - Jenna
(Jenna hulsey)

covalent bond
(Fenn Trehy)

Cosmic Carol
(Carol Buttenham)

hydro jenna heavy metal.jpg
Fenn Spooky Science Party.jpg

Hydrojenna (Jenna Hulsey) grew up in the science town of Oak Ridge, TN. Her love of music drew her to Nashville where she earned a degree in Medical Physics at Belmont University.

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A covalent bond is a chemical bond involving sharing electron pairs between atoms OR it’s the son of Mr. Bond, the Science Guy!

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Working just five hours a week back when we were just Mr. Bond, Carol not only created a full time job for herself but helped grow Mr. Bond’s Science Guys into today’s thriving company.

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Dr Data, Prof. Katalyst, Neutron Natalie, Molecular Mia, Pyro Preston, Professor Spark, Professor Amygdala, Science Dude, Ionic Bond, and Haz-Matt are a few more of our amazing Science Guys and Gals you could meet at a birthday party, after school club, science camp, preschool program, or Scouting event. They also run our mobile science labs and hands on science booths around the South East and up into Baltimore MD!

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The Science Guys have been teaching STEM and now STEAM programs long before there was an acronym. If you're an educator, event planner or organizer looking to foster inquiring minds, logical reasoning, and collaboration skills we have a program for you.

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