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2017 Tomorrow's World Summer Reading Programs

Mr. Bond and our amazing team of Mad Scientists are ready to get your Summer Reading Program participants excited about building a better world! Please let us know your preferred date and time so we can save your date!  Call Carol 585-9683 or email today! (See below for Pre-school and Teen themes)

Tomorrow's World Summer Reading ProgramInspired by Mr. Bond's favourite childhood program, Tomorrow's World! The Science Guys show audiences how science is building a better world! New technologies, new forms of energy and a look at science for Tomorrow's World! Kids will use pulleys, defy gravity, have a tug-o-war and launch a catapult!. Events geared to all ages or just for teens or Pre-K! Save Your Date

"Please tell Professor Greybeard thank you for a wonderful program yesterday. Everyone - the kids and the parents - loved it! He had them fascinated and giggling the whole time. We can't wait to have you guys back again next year. I will be contacting you soon with possible dates." Emily L. Shade, Youth Services Librarian, City of Germantown - Excellence. Every day. See more reviews below.

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Library Shows for Summer Reading Program or Anytime!

L'il Scientists 

Preschool Science show

The ping pong pulverizer, the potato gun, giant airbags and explosions will have your preschoolers mesmerized and laughing with delight, all while learning science! Book today!



Science of Sport

Science of Sport Summer Reading 2016




Hand-eye coordination experiments, lung capacity, Bernoulli's principle, aerodynamics, balancing miracles, sweet spot on rackets, and much more! Developed for all ages, teen and preschool specific. Book it now!

Heroes of Science 

Heroes of Science




Experiments will surround some great heroes of science; the Father of Chemistry, Lavoisier, who fell victim to the guillotine; Madame Curie who was killed by the radiation she discovered; Nicola Tesla who gave away his amazing machines of limitless energy and more! Schedule now!

The Science of Superheroes

Science of Superheroes

The program was originally created for Summer Reading 2015. The spectacular experiments are inspired by our favourite comic superheroes. Together we make the the webs of Spiderman control the electric power of Ironman; sample the marvelous toys of Batman and more! Book this program!


Pre-school Silly Science Show










Aimed at the very youngest future scientists! 3-7 year old's will love this 30-40 minute program with bubbling potions,Mega Hoberman Sphere, exciting chemical reactions and of course explosions! Book today!

Hair Raising Excitement Teen Library Program 

Teen Summer Reading Program






Electricity is the central theme. Teens light up light bulbs, shock each other, make their own hair stand on end and of course, create explosions!  Devised specifically for 12-18 year olds this program is best suited for smaller groups of 30 or so. This program is totally hands-on! Teens do all the experiments themselves. Book it!

Cotton Candy Science 

Cotton Candy Science




Add our "Cotton Candy Science" to your event.  Kids of all ages learn to make their own cotton​ candy. PLUS they get to EAT IT TOO! Expands the regular show by 30 minutes/ 75 kids. Find out more.



*Does your library have a different theme? We can tailor our programs to your specific needs! Click to see more programs.

Librarian Reviews

"We had close to 250 people attend the event and Mr. Bond was so engaging that kids and parents helped him carry his equipment back to the car just to be with him a little longer. It was his third show of the day, and the word from the other libraries is that he was that good each time. We hope to have him back soon! " Jan, Germantown Community Library 

"Today’s program at the Giles County Public Library by Prof. Grey Beard was a smashing success. John engaged the kids completely, kept them alert and surprised, chose his helpers really well, and convinced everyone that science is fun (even if mysterious). Everyone was thoroughly pleased, both adults and kids. And we were very glad he came to our Summer Reading Program."  Barbara Pankey Children’s Librarian Giles County Library

Mr Bond Summer Reading Presentations are available anywhere you'd like him to be! The hands-on presentations last approximately 45 minutes and have been a favorite of libraries around the state of Tennessee from as far East as North Carolina to West as Memphis and up North into Kentucky and South to Birmingham Alabama!

Contact us for more information 615-573-2702

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