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Mr. Bond’s Science Guy’s offer a variety of science camp themes at multiple venues around Middle & East Tennessee including:

  • Franklin

  • Bellevue

  • Belle Meade

  • Brentwood

  • Mt. Juliet

  • East Nashville

  • West Nashville

  • with more to come!

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Why Should Your Kid Attend Science Camp?

Winter, Spring and Summer breaks allow for more comprehensive hands on science programs where campers focus on one central science theme at each camp.

Mr. Bond’s Science Guys’ mission is to prove that science is fun, cool and easy! Our science camps inspire a lifelong enthusiasm for science and learning and teach creative problem-solving skills, teamwork, and perseverance in a fun, kid friendly setting.

The camps are perfect for ages 5-10, offered as half day or full day and may include sibling discounts.

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How Can I Organize a Science Camp?

The Science Guys are always looking for new partners. We work with churches, schools, recreation centers, community organizations and more. You supply the room and we do everything else. Contact us to find out more!


My daughter has participated in almost every camp and after school program offered. She started at the age of 5 and is now 11. She learned a tremendous amount of detail about everything from electricity to chemical reactions and continues to be fascinated by anything scientific. She constantly asks me to check to see which camps and clubs are being offered as she wants to hit them all! Thank you, Mr. Bond and the Science Guys for making science fun and for being such a big part of my daughter’s education in all things science!
— J Ray Sanduski
My daughter loved the camp!!! Great experience!!! My son loved the same camp 7 years ago!
— Jacqueline Stafford

Science Camp Themes



At Space Camp, kids launch rockets, build egg-stronaut re-entry craft and learn about rovers! We investigate how to survive the long journey, how to get to Mars and what it will take to survive IN SPACE!



Science, technology, engineering, arts and math all together in each activity to make learning challenging and fun! Kids will make chemical reactions, play brain games, and more! Each day they will create and observe how all of the STEAM components work together.



Be an engineer and learn how engineering is involved in everything we do! This camp features hands on learning where kids design bridges, create robots, and test out circuitry with DIY circuits.



Crazy Chemistry features explosions, bubbling potions, and chemical reactions! Kids make elephant toothpaste, try fizzy fruit, create 20 foot geysers with cool chemicals and learn about the elements on our huge periodic table. This camp is hands-on and age appropriate.


cirque du science

Come one! Come all! Step right up to Cirque du Science where The Science Guys will reveal secrets of the Greatest Show on Earth! We will explore many feats of the Circus, explain the science behind it, and help each kid perform these feats on their own! The activities will include juggling, plate spinning, balance and discover that magic is just science without an explanation! No prior skill required -- just an eagerness to learn! Each kid will make their own juggling balls so that they can practice what they've learned off-stage.



Perfect for 4-5 year olds, these weird science experiments are designed to introduce and get young children excited about science.



FUN-damental forces is our physics camp where kids discover why things move, explosions, air pressure, gravity, electricity, magnetism, centrifugal force, friction, inertia, momentum, and forces of nature! We make Newton proud!


CSI - Crazy Sciecne Investigation

AKA CSI-Nashville. This is the most fun you can have at a crime scene! Kids collect clues, identify suspects and solve crimes. Tons of cool science experiments with DNA, fingerprinting, fiber analysis, anatomy and much more. Kids will get their own CSI equipment to keep. This camp is hands-on and age appropriate.


SuperHero Camp

The Science Guys will explore the science of Super Heroes with experiments about more than a dozen super heroes as well as some villains! Such as amazing magnetic powers, web throwing, laser eyes, and ice powers! What's the science behind it all? Can you become a hero with any of these powers? Feel free to dress up and get ready to save the world with science!


Saw It On YouTube

Have you ever you ever wondered how all of those crazy cool science experiments are done? And if you can do them in real life? Well now kids can do it themselves! Mr. Bond's Science Guys take science experiment videos from online and make them happen in real life! Did you see it on YouTube, well let's Do It at Camp!


Bioscience (Nature) Camp

Explore the outside world! Reduce, ReUse, Recycle. Get involved to learn about biomes, animals, and the earth. Go on nature scavenger hunts and get creative with recycling activities! Get excited about the world around you!