A Typical Day at Science Camp

Mr. Bond’s Science Guys provide week long day camps for 9 weeks throughout the summer.

Each May until August every year for 20 years, the Science Guys have been getting kids excited about science with their entertaining and educational hands on science activities and experiments.

Parents looking for an academic camp that is also fun for their child to attend will find Mr. Bond’s Science Camps a perfect fit. Our Science Camps are held throughout Middle Tennessee with a variety of hosts including private schools, community centers and churches. We know it’s important for parents to understand what a typical day at camp looks like before they register so we have created a basic outline below.

Since some of our camps are hosted by schools and organizations that have their own activities and events, it is best to check directly with the registering organization (ie BGA, WCPR, DCA etc), for information about their schedules and policies. Below is an example of a typical day at a Mr. Bond Science Guys hosted camp. Times may vary so please check the website and your confirmation emails for your camps start time and schedule.

Example Half Day at Mr. Bond’s Science Camp

8:30 - Good morning! Welcome Game or Science Video

Campers are welcomed by the science camp leader and assistants. This is the time for them to meet their fellow future scientists. We play a getting-to-know-you science name game and/or watch an introduction science video.

8:45 - Experiment Demo & Mini Experiment

We jump right in to science with an experiment demonstration where the kids learn the basic science concepts and principles of the camp theme. Then the kids ALL get to do a hands on experiment themselves!

9:15 - First Big Experiment!

Now we do the first big experiment of the day based on the theme of the camp. Our first science demonstration and experiment introduced the concepts and ideas that we will now bring into a much bigger and more exciting science activity.

10:15 - Fun Break

Mr. Bond’s Science Camps are designed to be educational but also FUN! If the kids have brought snacks this will be the time to eat them. At locations where we have access to a safe and fun playground we will take advantage by giving the kids some time to stretch their legs and develop those new friendships they are making at camp.

10:30 - Second Big Experiment!

Second verse! Same as the first but a whole lot louder, and a whole lot worse!! By now your future scientists are making plans to study science at Princeton. AND they’re excited to tell their parents about all the fun things they learned at Science Camp. We finish the half day camp with more science inquiry, vocabulary and information related to the camp theme followed by our biggest hands on experiment of the day where everyone participates.

11:30 - Lunch or Dismissal

Is your future scientist doing a full day camp? This is their opportunity to eat lunch, relax and get ready for some new science experiments based on the afternoon theme and perhaps make some brand new friends.

If your child is only attending the half day of camp, we will say goodbye until tomorrow when we will introduce brand new concepts, vocabulary,  activities and experiments based on the theme of the camp.

Please note!

Our policy is kids only at camp, sorry no parents allowed. This basic overview is to help parents understand what a typical day at camp looks like. Please be aware that science is not exact and lessons are learned from experiments going awry. Some days may not be exactly as described but our goal is always fun, entertainment and education!  

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