7 Things to Consider When Hosting a Birthday Party

Birthday parties are always fun, but planning for them is not a walk in the park. There’s a lot that comes into play to ensure that every birthday event is a success. You have to think about the theme, the activities, and the decorations to use during each event. Keep in mind that every individual has unique needs, and you have to tailor the event to suit the specific needs of everyone. Ultimately, the success of every event depends on proper planning. Here are seven things to consider when hosting a birthday party.

1. The pre-party timeline

Before any event, you must ensure to have a schedule. At ten to six weeks before the party, confirm the date and choose a location and theme. Four weeks before, decide on food and drinks and draft invitations. Three weeks before the party, purchase party goods and decorations, and mail the invitations. One to two weeks before calling those that haven’t responded and schedule the activities. One to three days before, buy the food and bake the cake.

2. The guest list

Decide who you would like to invite to your birthday party. Ensure that you know how many people are invited to get your logistics in order. Afterward, mail out the invitations. You should also have enough helpers to help you on the day of the event.

3. Deciding on a venue

The location and venue is one of the most important parts when planning a birthday party. Some clients would like the parties to be in a location such a a park, or a rented venue like a community center and others would like to hold it in their home. Plan accordingly so that you can book a venue if needed in advance.

4. Understand the ideal time to host the parties

If you wish to run a successful birthday party, then you must know the time to host different parties. You cannot hold the party for a one-year-old kid at the same time you would hold a party for a teenager.

5. Know what and how to serve

A birthday party cannot be complete without food, drinks, and snacks. As a result, you must keep in mind what to serve. It is advisable to go for foods that are easy to eat, serve, and clean up. Also, get creative with your serving. Don’t just throw the food and snacks on the plates.

6. Entertainment

Entertainment livens up any birthday party. If your crew doesn’t have an entertainer, you can consider hiring one. Entertainers range from DJs, Magicians, professional storytellers, mobile petting zoos, balloon artists, hairstylists or The Science Guys. Know whose birthday party you’re organizing, then choose the ideal entertainer.

7. Consider games

Having games galore at every birthday party helps to make the party livelier. There are plenty of games that you can arrange for people to play in. You can set up classic games or more engaging games. However, the games you intend to be played have to match up with the age group of those attending the party.

We hope you have a successful celebration no matter what you do. If you’re looking for something fun, cool and easy then book a Mr. Bond’s Science Guys party today!