How Clouds Make Rain Experiment


  • Mason Jar

  • Water

  • Blue Food Coloring

Now Follow These Steps:

First: Fill up a mason jar with water.
Second: Put a blob of shaving cream on top of the water. This is your "cloud."
Third: Use the blue food coloring to represent water droplets and ice crystals that form in the clouds. Place a few drops on top of the "shaving cream cloud." Make your hypothesis about what will happen to the food coloring before you move forward with this step.
Finally: Make your observations and conclusions. Let us know what you see by posting to our Facebook Page or send them to us and we will post your observations! 

Here’s What’s Happening!

When water droplets and ice crystals, represented by the food coloring, collect in a cloud. They eventually become too heavy to float on the air/cloud/shaving cream and fall to the bottom of the mason jar like rain falling to the earth.

Here's a video to help you learn more about clouds and rain:
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