Glow in the Dark - Simple Bioluminescence Experiment


  • Mortar and Pestal
  • Dried Sea Fireflies
  • Water
  • Dark room

Now Follow These Steps:

First: Add fireflies to mortar and grind the fireflies evenly with the mortar and pestle
Second:  Turn off the lights and add the water
Third:  Swirl to mix evenly
Finally: What do you observe? Let us know what you see by posting pictures to our Facebook Page or send them to us and we will post your observations!

Here’s What’s Happening!

Bioluminescence is defined as light produced by a chemical reaction within an organism. The chemicals luciferase and luciferin exist within the firefly. When ground down and mixed with the oxygen in water (H20) a chemical reaction occurs which should create a glow or bioluminescence.

Here's a video to help you with this simple glow in the dark experiment.