How Plants Absorb Water Experiment


  • Cabbage (this also works with flowers!)

  • Food Coloring

  • Jars

  • Water

Now Follow These Steps:

First: Add water to each jar, filling about half way. Add a different color food dye to each jar, adding enough so the color is vibrant.

Second: Add separate cabbage leaves or flowers to each jar, with the stalk/stem submerged under the water.

Third: Leave your cabbage leaves over night.

Finally: Check on your cabbage the following day. What do you observe?

Let us know what you see by posting pictures to our Facebook Page or send them to us and we will post your observations!

Here’s What’s Happening!

Plants have tiny tubes throughout their body that help carry water up through the stem, and to the leaves. The water molecules are attracted to the molecules in the tubes, helping to pull the water upward. We can see these pathways with our experiment!

For help on this color-changing plant experiment, check out this video:
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