IT'S ELECTRO-PLATING! (boogie woogie, woogie!)


  • Cup

  • Water

  • Cupric Sulfate Acs (Copper Acetate Solution)

  • Nickel

  • Paperclip

  • 9V Battery Alligator Clips


Step 1: Mix the Cupric Sulfate Acs into a cup of water (deep enough to sink your nickle into)

Step 2: Attach the alligator clips to the 9V (one to positive terminal, one to negative terminal)

Step 3: Attach a paperclip to “POSITIVE” alligator clip

Step 3: Attach nickel to “NEGATIVE” alligator clip

Step 4: With alligator clips attached to battery, paperclip, and nickel - dunk nickel and paperclip into the Copper Acetate Solution… Wait for science to take place.

VUALA! You have successfully, coated your  nickel with copper!


When the negatively charged nickel (cathode) and positively charged paperclip (anode) are submerged into the Copper Acetate Solution, the electrical current from the battery passes through the Copper Acetate Solution, and the electrolyte splits up and some of the copper atoms (cathode) are then deposited onto the nickel, causing a thin layer of copper to materialize on the nickel! 

***please note: although we make science fun, easy, and cool, we always advise that children have supervision from a parent or guardian while performing experiments, especially when chemicals are involved.***