Annie The Brave Science Dress discount!

Mr Bond’s Science Guys and Annie The Brave are teaming up to give you a 20% discount on Annie The Brave dresses!

Science Dresses!

Annie The Brave makes STEM-inspired dresses to instill bravery in little girls. Founder Chelsea Coulston’s daughter had dreams of being a scientist who studies fashion and requested a scientist girl dress. After scouring physical stores and websites, she realize there was no scientist girl. A DIY extraordinaire, she decided she could just make the dress but lo and behold, the fabric simply didn’t exist. So she started a company instead. Data from the 2015 Always Confidence and Puberty Survey suggested around 72% of girls feel like society dictates what they can and cannot do. Not having a dress isn’t exactly an emergency but having to tell a 6-year-old there is no science girl confirms the results. Little girls can now show off their love for science, space, the ocean, construction, dinosaurs, and more, through their simultaneous love for dresses and climbing trees.

How to get your discount code!

Sign up for a Mr. Bond’s Science Guys hosted club or camp (registration is handled on our website) and you will receive a 20% discount code after you sign up. If you received a confirmation but didn’t receive the discount code please contact us!